Heart Attack in Women

The incidence of the heart attack in male and females is similar; however they differ from each other in their response to the heart failure. Women tend to survive longer than men with heart failure and the intensity of symptoms of heart failure is more pronounced in women as compared to men. The women of old age after the menopause are more prone to heart failure. It is recorded that every year, there is death of hundreds of thousands of women due to heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. The symptoms of heart attack in women are more intense than men and they experience nausea, anxiety and dizziness.

Symptoms of heart attack in women are as follows:

Chest pain – It is an important symptom that may include back pain or deep aching. Women may feel the throbbing in one or both arms. The feeling of heaviness in the chest between the breasts and pain may radiate to the left arm or shoulder.

Breathlessness – It refers to the inability to breathe properly on waking up.

Clammy sweating and Dizziness – Women may sweat profusely and experience unexplained light headedness and possible blackouts.

Anxiety – women tend to feel unusual nervousness with the feelings of impending doom.

Oedema- The occurrence of fluid retention and swelling of the ankles or lower legs is also a symptom.

Fluttering – Women may feel the rapid heartbeats and palpitations.

Nausea—feeling of gastric upset.

Cardiovascular disease is the regarded as one of the major causes of death in women and it is very important to pay attention to any  of the symptoms of heart failure are detected.

In order to keep the incidence of heart failure away, women should follow the healthy lifestyle and follow a regular schedule of aerobic exercise. Women should ensure to eat heart-healthy meals, and lose weight in case they are overweight. It is recommended to quit smoking and drinking as it may increase the incidence of heart failure.

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