Silent Heart Attack

Silent heart is also known as silent killer.

According to medical reports till today heart attack is one of the major cause of death and disability in American citizens. Generally people assume that heart attack begin by series of symptoms such as breathing trouble, pain in the chest, pain in shoulders, indigestion, or vomiting. However, for the victim of silent heart attack this not the case. The silent heart attack comes with unnoticeable symptoms and be just deadly as massive heart attack.

Heart attack occurs when heart does not get sufficient blood and oxygen flow. This process slowly damages the heart muscle leading to a serious heat troubles or sometime life is at stake.

Anyone with science knowledge can easily tell a person complaining of chest pain might be suffering from heart trouble. However, there is yet another deadly form of heart malfunction where casualty and person around him are totally unaware of the danger standing next door. Since there is no major symptoms this heart trouble goes unnoticed. This is the reason it is called mild or silent killer and medically termed as silent heart attack.

The symptoms of the silent heart attack are so inconspicuous that casualty might be treated with immediate cardiac arrest. In silent heart attack victim loses the golden hour of treatment and hence saving his life becomes a much more difficult task. This delay is due to no extreme  symptoms of silent heart attack. Chest pain or pain in left shoulders is the red sign for an oncoming heart attack however; this is not present in silent heart attack. Therefore, saving the causality’s life is bigger challenge for doctor’s in-charge. There is a history as well as huge science behind the silent heart attack. People who are: aged 55 or above, uncontrolled diabetes, follow an unhealthy lifestyle, no workout regime are more in danger to suffer from this deadly attack. Quick treatment  is the key to save silent heart attack casualty’s life. In silent  attack chest pain is reduced after couple of hours rest and this delay’s the right treatment which can be in turn more  devastating.

Here are few silent heart attack symptoms which are generally misconstrued-

  1. Jaw  pain
  2. Pain in left arm
  3. Tiredness
  4. Heart burn or gas trouble
  5. Indigestion

These symptoms are misdiagnosed by the people at home and they themselves lose their life in the hands of silent heart attack. If you determine any of the above mentioned symptoms consult your doctor immediately. Smoking and regular consumption of alcohol can also increase the risk of silent heart attack.

The important point to remember is that everyone can easily reduce or minimize the risk of heart attack by just following some simple steps-

  1. Eat healthy meals
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. A regular workout regime
  4. Quite smoking
  5. Regular check-up.

Silent heart attack can be fought back by making certain changes in your lifestyle. If you notice chest pain, or have difficulty in breathing don’t wait undergo a heart stress test to ease the future trouble.

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