Life after Heart Attack

Life for heart patient is not the same; hey this statement is not totally true. If you love life will bless you in return for sure. When you are getting discharge from hospital you will receive all lists of things to do and drugs to consume.  Getting life back on track might take long however, the process is not difficult if you have positive spirits in you. Life after heart attack requires you to make certain changes with your lifestyle. Consult your doctor to help you plan a recovery routine so, that you can easily come out of the shock of your life.

There are certain steps you can incorporate into your life for good life ahead-

  • Eat and drink healthy food. Stop high cholesterol and saturated food.
  • Plan a workout regime. If you tend to join a gym remember  to ask the instructor what exercises are meant for you. As after heart attack doctor’s advice the patience to perform only light weight exercise.
  • Take your medicines regularly.
  • Go for regular check-up.
  • Quite smoking, after heart attack it’s recommended that the person should never smoke again otherwise heart attack can hit him again.
  • The most important thing is to feel good about yourself.

Why workout regime is very important for heart patients?

Regular workout helps to strengthen your heart muscle. Daily workout aids to lower your blood pressure levels and improves your good cholesterol level. Doctor’s advice heart patient to follow a workout regime because it helps to boosts your energy and mood. After following a workout regime for few days you will love it as it improves sleep and now you are in control of your health.

Important medication for heart patients –

  • Aspirin – helps you prevent blood clots and reduces your chances of death after a heart attack.
  • Clopidogrel- it helps to open the blocked arteries. In some cases the drug is prescribed for one year. However for some patients it can be life long drug.
  • A beta blocker- it helps you control your blood pressure and improves your breathing.
  • A statin- it helps you lower your cholesterol troubles. This a general drug prescribed even if your cholesterol levels are normal.
  • Nitrates- it helps to widen (dilate) coronary blood vessels so that more blood is  pumped into the heart muscles.

Remember to ask your doctor for an alternative drug if you are allergic to any of the medication.

How can you improve your life after heart attack?

Some doctors ask there heart patients to get involved in a cardiac rehabilitation program. To heal the pain and discomfort faced by the patients. The cardiac rehab program involves exercise routine supervised by exercise specialists. Today, there are many hospitals sponsoring these programs to aid the heart patient with safe level of exercise. After learning the right technique and important exercise  you will be able to perform these at comfort of your home. However, it is recommended  to perform the exercises into a garden area so, that you can get fresh air to boost your immune system.

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