Mild Heart Attack – Angina Pectoris

The mild heart attack symptoms can be categorised into two forms including angina pectoris and unstable angina depending on the severity of the illness.

Angina Pectoris – The early symptoms of heart attack are called as angina pectoris that refers to the condition marked by decreased oxygen soft need to buy propecia supply or blood supply because of obstruction of blood vessel. The symptoms of Angina Pectoris includes feeling of chest pain to the left side or central part of chest, tightness in the chest with pain radiating to neck, jaw or upper back, discomfort of the left hand, Short breathing, burning sensation in the middle chest, sweating, Nausea, heaviness in the upper abdomen, weakness and easy fatigues.

The major causes of angina include Physical exertion, Intense emotion, Exposure to cold, Lying flat (Decubitus angina), and Heavy meals.

The treatment of Angina can be done by administering the Glyceryl Trinitrate (500 microgram) sublingually followed by proper rest.

Unstable angina – This condition is marked by increased blockage of blood vessel and reduced supply of blood as compared to stable angina.

Symptoms of unstable angina includes the same symptoms as observed in the case of stable angina and these symptoms are prolonged even after taking adequate rest. Patients that have chronic angina may suffer from the unstable angina.

The causes of unstable angina include heavy physical exertion, intense emotion, and chronic angina.

The  Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription treatment of unstable Angina can be done by taking proper rest in sitting or lying position. Patient should be administered with Sublingual Glyceryl Nitrate 500 microgram sublingually where the crushed tablets are placed under the tongue. The patient needs to be hospitalized immediately.

Prinzmetal’s or Variant angina – This type of angina takes place irregularly because of the spasm of coronary arteries and electrocardiogram shows the transient elevation of ST segment elevation in this condition.

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