Aspirin for Heart Attack

If you or immediate family member has been diagnosed of heart troubles, it’s important to take preventions and proper treatment. After the heart diagnosesyour doctor will advise you to take the daily dose of aspirin to avoid heart attack. It’s important to know that daily dose of aspirin can increase your chances of survival during a heart attack.

After getting discharge from hospital it’s important for you and family member staying with you to understand the discharge plan. Make sure you pen down the entire information and diet chart mentioned by the doctor. Get written directions from your doctor for taking all medications.

People after getting discharge from hospital are sent home with several written prescriptions for medication. Make sure you take these drugs on time as mentioned by the doctor. These drugs are important because they aid you live longer and heal your chest pain symptoms. Aspirin is the important drug prescribed by most of the doctor for heart trouble casualty. Because helps you prevent blood clots and reduces your chances of death after a heart attack.

How aspirin works to heal heart attack victim?

Heart attack is an active process which does not end within few hours. Once a person is diagnosed with heart trouble he needs to follow a strict and healthy lifestyle. Aspirin helps your body to surpass the damage caused during heart attack.

Imagine you and your partner is sitting at comfort of your house watching television, suddenly you find that your partner is  finding difficulty  in breathing. The immediate step would be to call emergency medical number and second step which can help you reduce the pain of your partner is by giving aspirin.

Aspirin works as a miracle drug which has proven to survive the life of many heart victims. If aspirin is taken soon after the few seconds of heart attack it aids to carry blood and oxygen to flow into the heart.

How to consume aspirin for heart trouble?

1. QUICKLY: The most important step is to take aspirin immediately if you notice chest pain and find difficulty in breathing you might be having a heart attack. Take aspirin to fully slow platelets, it takes 10-15 minutes for the process to accomplish its desired goal.

2. AMOUNT: Doctors advice that taking one 325 mg. of aspirin can limit the risk of heart attack damage. Remember not to take more or larger dose of aspirin to get better results. Actually, smaller dose of aspirin works best to ease the pain.

3. TYPE:  Remember not to take enteric-coated aspirin because if you want the drug to dissolve quickly in stomach then enteric-coated will make the process slow.

4. CHEW: Don’t swallow the drug it’s important for the casualty to chew the aspirin for immediate relief. Slowly chew the aspirin for at least 30 seconds before you swallow it.

Recovery from heart attack might be a long and difficult process for some however, taking aspirin’s daily dose help you heal the chest pain and live longer.

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