Heart Attack and Its Treatment

Heart attack- A heart attack is also scientifically known as a myocardial infarction. The heart attack happens when the heart muscles are found damaged or dead. When the heart muscle is not getting enough blood it gets damaged. When someone is diagnosed with heart attack this means the person’s heart has a blockage in the coronary arteries.

The prime cause for heart attack is damage in coronary arteries. Coronary arteries help to transport the oxygen and important nutrients to heart muscles. Without ample oxygen and nutrients heart finds difficulty to pump blood to human body. Coronary arteries are like a life guard which can save or damage human life. If fat gets accumulated in coronary arteries the wall becomes thick and hinders the blood to flow. If a person is diagnosed with heart blockage immediate treatment should be provided to avoid the risk of heart attack. When blood is not properly flowing in human body and this damage’s the arteries which supply blood to brain and part of brain gets damaged. When brain does not receive ample blood it will not be able to perform any activity and will restrict the body movements.

The heart attack can be studies under the following categories-

  1. Silent heart attack
  2. Massive heart attack
  3. Mild heart attack.

The  immediate treatment for the heart attack casualty would be to provide uncoated aspirin and call medical emergency number right away.

Tell us study the treatments more briefly-

If you notice that your partner is complaining of chest trouble or finding difficulty in breathing, it’s time for you to take immediate action. Make sure your partner is sitting comfortably and provide artificial respirationto a heart attack casualty. Before you perform this process you should be fully aware of the treatment.

Here are some basic steps to provide artificial respiration to a heart attack casualty-

Help your partner to sit comfortably and till the head back then lift the chin in upward direction. Silently pinch the nostrils withtwo fingers in a way that no air is leaked. Take a deep breath and cover your face over the casualty’s mouth. Repeat this process for the couple of seconds till the required amount of air is inflated in casualty’s chest. Check if the chest of the casualty has raised or not if yes then enough air is blown. And if you notice that chest has raised you can stop the mouth to mouth respiration process. However, if there is no change the condition of the casualty then do the process once again. Make sure the person is awake and has pulse until the medical emergency help arrives. Keep the casualty warm and calm. Make sure casualty is awake and doesn’t fall asleep.

Music therapy- music helps to heal the pain and discomfort of the patient arriving home after getting discharge from hospital for heart attack. Try to keep the generic cialis patient away from stress and troubles of family matters. Make sure you play soft and slow music tunes for your partner. According to the recent study held in the University in Philadelphia music can treat and cure the heart patients. However, drugs mentioned by the doctor should not be avoided.

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