Heart Attack and Diet

In a cardiac rehabilitation program diet plays a key role in healthy living. A healthy and carefully designed diet plan can avoid and prevent the recurrence of heart attack. To have an active and long life the key is to eat vegetarian diet comprises of- fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is good for your heart?

  • Consumption of onions helps the heart patient to fight bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol gets accumulated in our body and makes us obese. It’s important for us to know both the levels of good and bad cholesterol in our body. Once we know how to lower our bad cholesterol we will be able to have a healthy life.
  • Daily intake two portions of egg white rather one whole egg.
  • Preserve the enzymes in vegetables and fruits- try to consume raw fruits and vegetables or cook minimally. This aids to retain the fiber in fruits and vegetables and fade heart diseases.
  • Consume brown or whole grain bread and rice- stop the consumption of white bread prescription cialis and rice.
  • Eat three cloves of garlic to fight heart attack- garlic is very good to lower the cholesterol levels and controls the blood pressure in our body.
  • Start cooking in low fat oil- sunflower, soybean, olive, canola, peanut and sesame oils are best for heart patients.
  • An ounce of walnuts- according to doctors eating an ounce of walnut everyday aids to fight heart troubles.
  • Reduce the salt and sugar intake.
  • Consume baked or micro-waved chips rather than fried.

Risk factors which increases the chances of heart attack–

1.Over weight- if you like junk food like fries, burgers, pizza with extra cheese and consume fizz drinks you are more likely  to face the heart troubles. It’s important to keep checking our body weight to make the heart diseases away. Try to avoid saturated fat as it helps to raise your bad cholesterol level.

2. Age- heart attack risk increase in women after menopause or women older than 55 and for men the age is reported as 45 or older. If you are reaching the mentioned age go for a check-up as you are more likely to develop CAD.

3. Hereditary- your life has a threat of heart attack if an immediate family member who is 45 or younger has fallen under heart attack.

4. Smoking- it’s the major culprit in killing people, smoking is not beneficial for our health it damages the arteries and stops the blood flow.

5. Diabetes- if you or immediate family member has diabetes, they are more likely to face heart troubles in future. To avoid the future threat make healthy changes Professional Online without Prescription in your lifestyle.

6. Limit the consumption of alcohol: if you intake alcohol regularly then you might have to stop this habit. Drinking alcohol occasionally does not harm your health. Make sure you consult your doctor regarding the right amount of alcohol consumption.

Try to avoid the mentioned food items and make necessary changes into your lifestyle so, that you can enjoy your stay on earth.

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Heart attack Diet

Heart attack diet plays a crucial role in controlling the heart attack. Post MI, patients should try to include more of unsaturated fats in his diet as it do not increase the level of cholesterol, but reduces it. One can also supplement the diet with essential fatty acids that contains fish oil for maintaining the blood flow by keeping it ‘less sticky’ and also reduces the cholesterol levels. In case the test shows high level of LDL cholesterol, one need to restrict calories, saturated fats, and partially hydrogenated fats. The saturated fats causes increased deposition of cholesterol and it includes food items like ghee, butter, cream, cheese, coconut oil, vegetable oil, lobster, mutton, chicken, pork, hamburgers and many others.

There is production of cholesterol by liver within the body but it is the dietary cholesterol that is deposited more in the arteries as compared to the endogenous cholesterol. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in foods such as olive oil and fish foods protect the endothelium by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and enhancing the levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. One can also take fiber rich foods such as grains, fruits & vegetables that result in lowering of blood pressure and LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL level that assists in protecting the endothelial cells. It has been observed that the type and amount of fat in the diet influence the rate of cholesterol production,  its deposition in the arterial walls and ultimately the incidence of heart attack

The vegetables in heart attack diet plan includes Boiled vegetable, boiled beans, lentil- 4oz,

boiled Vegetable or green peas. Also, the milk in the heart attack diet includes Butter-milk, Skimmed milk, skimmed milk and cornflakes, Skimmed milk-8oz, Tea or Coffee with skimmed milk, Skimmed milk curd, and others.

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