Yoga and Heart Attack

According to the American Heart Association, heart attack is the main cause in killing men and women of American, surpassing even cancer. Read this article to understand that  how can your mind-body connection that yoga offers can help you prevent heart attack.

Heart attack is caused when the heart muscle is found damaged or dead. Now you might ask why this happens. The reason for this damage is that heart muscle is not getting enough blood to the coronary arteries. When someone is diagnosed with heart attack this means the person’s heart has a blockage in the coronary arteries. When blood and oxygen is not properly pumped into heart muscles blockage is formed.

Symptoms of heart attack in women-

Continues cold sweat, dizziness, vomiting, restlessness, weakness and not able to breadth properly.

Women heart attack symptoms should be carefully studied as their symptoms are different from men. The hour of pain is known as golden hour proper and correct treatment should be provided to save women’s life.

Symptoms of heart attack in men-

  • Chest Pain: is the most common heart attack symptom in men. A patient might be found rubbing his chest continuously; he should be immediately taken into emergency. So, that he is treated with aspirin, beta-blockers, or correct heart medication.
  • Indigestion: pain in upper abdomen or indigestion can also cause heart attack.
  • Pain in other Body Parts: The chest pain can extend to other body parts if not taken care on earlier level. Patient with heart attach may experience -Shoulder, arms, back, teeth or jaw pain. It’s noticed that sometimes chest pain is very low as compared to shoulder, or back pain. These pains should not be neglected and immediate medication should be taken.
  • Breathing trouble:  when blood is not able to flow properly in body breathing trouble is the common cause for heart attack.
  • Sweating: continues or cold sweat are the cause for heart attack which should not be neglected.

Yoga help you fight all these symptoms with due course of time.

How can you prevent yourself from these symptoms?

Yoga is the answer to all health troubles.

  1. Yoga helps to lower the heart rate and helps to synchronize breathing process. There are certain yoga postures which aid to focus of breathing exercises and this process slow down the formation of the chemical adrenaline which is the biggest culprit that triggers panic attacks and anxiety.
  2. Yoga cures cardiovascular muscles- doctors recommend that daily regime of yoga for 40-50 minutes can help you heal your heart muscles. Yoga helps to decrease stress levels and generates positive energy in your body while lowering the negative ones. Yoga allows your mind to keep some space and to learn to be quiet.
  3. Learn yoga with  help of an instructor- today there are many yoga institutes providing classes of heart patients. I would recommend the yoga for people as one of the best and affordable place to learn the correct postures of heart yoga.
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