Is Cholesterol is the Culprit for Heart Attack.

Heart diseases have always been one of the major killer of men and women of America.

When someone is hospitalized in regard to heart attack people generally associate the attack with high cholesterol. However, this is not the true, ya I know it’s difficult to believe but cholesterol is not the major culprit for heart attack. From our doctors and media we have always got this information that high cholesterol can cause heart failure. Inflammationis the culprit not cholesterol. The food we consume  is responsible for heart trouble and  leads to inflammation which in-turn increases the sugar and blood levels in our body.

Cholesterol  is a soft, waxy substance found in our blood and blood cells. Cholesterol can be categorized under two heads-

  1. Good cholesterol and
  2. Bad cholesterol.

Good cholesterol is an important component for healthy body because it helps to form cell membranes.  Good cholesterol aids to produce bile, which helps in breaking the fatty aids in our body and keeps the digestion process functioning. However, bad cholesterol gets accumulated in our body and makes us gain weight.

It’s important for us to know the levels of both the good and bad cholesterol in our body. Once we know how to lower our bad cholesterol we will be able to have a healthy life. Read more of this article to know how you can lower your bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol.

  1. Avoid saturated fat: the step to lower the bad cholesterol is to avoid or limit the daily  intake of food rich in saturated fat. Here is the example of food rich in saturated fat-

Animal and daily products: beef, pork, cheese, cakes, chocolate etc.

All of the above mentioned food put your life at risk of heart attack.

  1. A daily workout: are you aware of the fact that daily workout can help you raise good cholesterol and makes your immune system strong to fight the bad cholesterol. So, even walking in the garden for 30-45 minutes can help to towards your goal.
  2. Eat cholesterol lowering food: once you know the secret you can pick your healthy meal. The food which help our body to lower the bad cholesterol are- peas, oat products, fish, beans and nuts. These food items help you keep your body active.
  3. Include supplements to lower bad cholesterol: if you are busy person and do not have time to plan a proper daily meal for yourself then you must include cholesterol natural supplement in your diet. Ask your doctor which supplements can help you lower your bad cholesterol.

After following these secret tips you will feel active and good about your body. When cholesterol level is more our body gets tired easily, and we feel ache a bit at times. When we know how to deal with bad cholesterol, we can achieve our target to stay healthy by just making few changes in your eating habits. It’s a proven fact that healthy cholesterol balanced diet makes you more energetic, and full of life.

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