Mild Heart Attack

For both men and women  aged above 45 should be aware of all the symptoms and indicators of a heart attack. However, age is not specific we all should follow healthy life style to avoid future heart troubles.

According to medical reports heart attack is becoming more common life threatening  disease. Everyone enjoys living a king size life however, one should follow certain rules to enjoy your stay on earth. It was observed that moral attacks are common in women, but men are more prone to heart failure. It’s important to consult your doctor immediately if you notice mild heart attack symptoms.

Mild heart attack symptoms are not massive as a typical heart attack and the pattern produced is imperceptible in ECG. The mild heart attack is caused due to blockage in the arteries. In certain cases blood clot in arteries can be the main cause of the heart trouble. The aim of the mild heart attack treatment is to remove the blockage in arteries and minimize the future risk for any kind of heart disease.

Symptoms of mild heart attack can be studied under two categories-

  1. Angina pectoris and
  2. Unstable angina

Angina pectoris- the word angina is derived from the Greek language which means Strangulation. In medical science early sign of heart attack is referred as angina pectoris. This condition occurs  when blood vessels are diagnosed to be damaged due to uneven flow of blood and oxygen into the heart muscles.

How to diagnose the Mild Angina heart attack symptoms at home?

If you notice tight band over the chest or pain in left shoulders or arms, pain in the jaw, neck or upper back, find difficulty in breathing, burning sensation in the middle of the chest, vomiting, sweating, pain in the upper abdomen, chocking sensation in the neck and discomfort in body movements.

Causes for angina pectoris- intense emotional nature, unhealthy eating habits, physical exertion, and exposure to cold weather for long.

Treatment for Angina pectoris-  the best treatment to heal the heart trouble is to take rest and sleep for minimum 10 hours daily. However, Glyceryl Trinitrate (500 microgram) is the medically prescribed drug.

Unstable angina- this condition  is due to intensive blockage of blood vessels and failure in blood and oxygen flow to heart muscles.

Symptoms of the unstable angina- is same as angina however, patients with chronic angina are more prone to unstable angina.

Treatment for unstable angina- the person should be given Glyceryl Nitrate of 500microgram crushed and put under the tongue of the patient. Call for the ambulance immediately. Make sure till the help is at your door the patient is sitting comfortably.

The doctor will conduct a blood test and ECG on the patient to identify whether the patient has suffered from a mild heart attack or a typical heart attack. Once the test results confirm that the person  is hit by mild heart attack then certain test are mentioned by the doctor to find out the exact location of blocks in coronary arteries.

Test performed are- ultrasound, nuclear imaging and X-ray of heart.

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