Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery is performed on a person suffering from heart trouble, chest of the patient is opened and surgery is done on the heart muscles, valves, arteries. The surgery is done to remove the blockage or damage caused to the heart muscles. When blood and oxygen is not pumped into heart muscles, our heart starts to die or get damaged. Open heart surgery aid the heart patient to reduce the heart pain and live life again without any discomfort.

During the surgery heart-lung machine is used by the doctors. So, that when doctors are working on the heart, the machine  pumps the oxygen and blood to the brain as well as other vital organs. This is to make sure that when surgery is being performed blood flows into the patient’s body without any hindrance.

Open heart surgery is the most serious types of surgery performed on human body. However, today with latest inventions and improvement in medical technique’s survival rate is amazingly high.

The open heart surgery patient is discharged from hospital within 2-3 weeks of time. However, to recover from the surgery it takes 8-10 weeks. Before getting discharge from hospital make sure you understand the discharge plan. Try to pen down the important information and diet chart mentioned by the doctor. Your doctor will provide you with written directions of all the medications. If you are on medication prior to open heart surgery then remember to ask your quarries about old medications as after the surgery heart it is common to start with new medicine.

Here is the list of medication generally prescribed by open heart surgeon-

  • Aspirin – helps you prevent blood clots and heals the pain and discomfort caused due to open heart surgery.
  • Clopidogrel- it helps to open the blocked arteries. In some cases the drug is prescribed for one year. However, some patients are advised to continue the medication for longer period.
  • A beta blocker-  it helps you control your blood pressure levels. The medication aid to improve  your breathing.
  • A statin- it helps you lower your cholesterol levels. This is a general drug prescribed even if your cholesterol levels are normal. This medication makes sure that after open heart surgery fat doesn’t get stored in arteries.
  • Nitrates- it helps to widen (dilate) coronary blood vessels so that more blood is pumped into the heart muscles.

Here are some tips for open heart surgery patient-

1)      Avoid napping during afternoon- as far as possible avoid the afternoon nap so, that you can sleep comfortably in the night.

2)      Take prescribed medication- remember to take the medication on time and take your night medication 30 minutes prior to going to bed.

3)      Avoid stress- doctors advice that open heart surgery patient should be kept at bay from the household troubles or financial matters till the patient recovers fully.

4)      Take a shower before a night nap- taking a slow shower helps the heart patient to reduce the pain and relaxes the body for good night sleep.

5)      Light diet- light diet includes :

(a)    fresh fruits and vegetable juice,

(b)   salads and soups

(c)    Lemon tea.

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