Recovery from Heart Attack

Recovery from heart attack might be a long and difficult process for some however, for some it’s normal and they deal with it in more challenging way.

Recovery from heart attack requires you to make certain changes  with your lifestyle. Consult your doctor to help you plan a recovery routine so, that you can easily come out of the shock of your life.

Things  to change for speedy recovery from heart attack-

  1. Eat healthy and stop high cholesterol food.
  2. Plan a workout regime. If you tend to join a gym remember to ask the instructor what exercises are meant for you. As after heart attack doctor’s advice the patience to perform only light weight exercise.
  3. Take your medicines regularly.
  4. Go for regular check-up.
  5. Quite smoking, after heart attack it’s recommended that the person should never smoke again otherwise heart attack can hit him again.

These above mentioned daily changes can help you ease your risk of having another heart attack, fewer chances to die of heart attack, improves your stamina and makes you active.

How to take good care at home of the person recently faced a heart attack?

  1. Getting discharge from the hospital: most patients are allowed to go home after three-five days in the hospital in case you had mild heart attack. However, you stay at hospital can be longer if you had undergone a surgery. If your case is more complicated doctors will not discharge you until you are stable.

Before getting discharge it’s important for you and family member staying with you to understand the discharge plan. Make sure you pen down the entire information and diet chart mentioned by the doctor. Get written directions from your doctor for taking all medications. Remember to ask your quarries about old medications as after heart attack it is common to start with new medicine and stop the old if any.

  1. Medications: Prescription people after getting discharge from hospital are sent home with several written prescriptions for medication. Make sure  you take these drugs on time as mentioned by the doctor. These drugs are important because they aid you live longer and heal your chest pain symptoms.

Here are names of some drugs which are generally prescribed by all the heart specialist.

  1. Aspirin – helps you prevent blood clots and reduces your chances of death after a heart attack.
  2. Clopidogrel- it helps to open the blocked arteries. In some cases the  drug is prescribed for one year. However for some patients it can be life long drug.
  3. A beta blocker- it helps you control your blood pressure and improves your breathing.
  4. A statin- it helps you lower your cholesterol troubles. This a general drug prescribed even if your cholesterol levels are normal.
  5. Nitrates- it helps to widen (dilate) coronary blood vessels so that more blood is pumped into the heart muscles.

If you are allergic to any of the above medication remember to ask your doctor for an alternative drug.

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