Heart Attack

A heart attack is also scientifically known as a myocardial infarction. The heart attack trouble is caused when the heart muscle is found damaged or dead. Now you might ask why this happens. The reason for this damage is that heart muscle is not getting enough blood to the coronary arteries. When someone is diagnosed with heart attack this means the person’s heart has a blockage in the coronary arteries.

Heart attack occurs when blood is not properly pumped into heart  muscle. This process slowly damages the heart muscle leading to a serious heat troubles or sometime life is at danger.

The prime cause for heart attack is damage in coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are the mode of transport for oxygen and nutrients supplied to  heart muscles. Without ample oxygen and nutrients heart finds difficulty to pump blood to human body. So coronary arteries are like a life guard which can save or damage human life. If fat gets accumulated in coronary arteries the wall becomes thick and trouble the blood flow process. If a person is diagnosed with heart blockage immediate treatment should be provided to avoid heart attack. If blockage is not removed on time then it may cause stroke. When blood is not properly flowing in human body and this damage’s the arteries which supply blood to brain and part of brain gets damaged. When brain does not receive ample blood it will not be able to perform any activity and will restrict the body movements.

It’s important to take good care of your body and prevent health problems related to vascular disease. A person should be well informed about family history because if someone in your family has diabetes or vascular disease you are more prone to such troubles. However, these factors can be taken care by following healthy lifestyle.

To avoid the risk of heart attack follow simple steps mentioned below-

  1. Avoid alcohol:  there is a difference between occasionally drinking and daily drinking. Daily drinking habit can lead to heart troubles whereas limited or occasional drinking can bay the heat attack.
  2. Stop smoking: to enjoy a long and happy life stop smoking. Ask your doctor to help you stop smoking my following a no-smoking plan.
  3. Eat healthy: to avoid any health trouble doctors recommend balanced diet plan. Avoid cooking with more salt;  do not buy prepared or frozen food because it is high in sodium. Carefully study your calories intake and try to cut down the food items which are high on calories.
  4. Follow workout regime: it’s important to exercise daily for at least 30-45 minutes. Regular workout regime helps you strengthen your cardiovascular system and help you to stay fit. Daily exercise also helps you to lower your blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol in your body.

It’s always advised to go for regular check-ups, so that if any heart issues are noticed they can be treated on time name propecia buy to avoid heart attack. To avoid heart attack try to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and regularly go for walks.  It’s important to follow the healthy regime to avoid health diseases.

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