Symptoms of Heart Attack.

Heart troubles should never be ignored. In certain cases heart troubles left undiagnosed may cause heart attack. People are aware of what heart attack is however they don’t know the actual symptoms of heart attack. The symptom of heart attack may vary from individual to individual. Everyone does not experience the same heart symptoms at the same severity.

Heart attack symptoms in women

According to National Institute of Health’s recent study women heart attack symptoms are different as compared to men. The study observed that there are three common heart attack symptoms in women were- breathing trouble, disturbance in sleep, and unusual fatigue. It was also observed that 43% of women did not have chest pain during their entire heart attack.

Here are some common symptoms found prior to heart attack- not able to sleep properly in night, indigestion or abdominal discomfort, unusual fatigue, breathing troubles, burning sensation in upper abdomen  and anxiety.

Symptoms during the heart attack-

Continues cold sweat, dizziness, vomiting, restlessness, weakness and not able to breadth properly.

Women heart attack symptoms should be carefully studied as their symptoms are different from men. According to reports, women’s symptoms are not carefully diagnosed; it was  noted that women are far less likely to receive the correct heart attack prevention medications. This places them into more danger and less likely to restore the life. The hour of pain is known as golden hour proper and correct treatment should be provided to save women’s life.

If you are a woman or you know any women please let them know about the symptoms of heart attack to receive the right medication.

Heart attack symptom in men

  • Chest Pain: is the most common heart attack symptom in men. A patient might be found rubbing his chest continuously; he should be immediately taken into emergency. So, that he is treated with aspirin, beta-blockers, or correct heart medication.
  • Indigestion: pain in upper abdomen or indigestion can also cause heart attack.
  • Pain in other Body Parts: The chest pain can extend to other body parts if not taken care on earlier level. Patient with heart attach may experience -Shoulder, arms, back, teeth or jaw pain. It’s noticed that sometimes chest pain is very low as compared to shoulder, back pain. These pains should not be neglected and immediate medication should be taken.
  • Breathing trouble:  when blood is not able to flow properly in body breathing trouble is the common cause for heart attack.
  • Sweating: continues or cold sweat are the cause for heart attack which should not be neglected. Sometimes dues to continuous sweating a person might faint.

It’s observed that men are likely to neglect heart troubles, which lead to serious heart issues in future. Both men or women should never neglect the health troubles, they should always discus the issue with there doctor to avoid future complications. Survey states that heart attack remains the number one reason for both men and women to raise the death toll. It is found that majority of women neglect their heart troubles leading to sudden death.

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