Early Signs of Heart Attack

Heart troubles can be managed with right treatment and healthy changes into your lifestyle. Read the article to know the symptoms of the heart attack and learn about then, so that you can monitor and control the future risk before they get worse.

Symptom in men:

  • Chest Pain: is the most common heart attack symptom in men. If you notice someone rubbing their chest continuously and felling tired; they should be immediately taken into emergency. So, that he is treated with aspirin, beta-blockers, or heart medication.
  • Indigestion: pain in upper abdomen or indigestion can also cause heart attack.
  • Pain in other Body Parts: The chest pain can extend to other body parts if not taken care on earlier level. Patient with heart attack may experience –pain in shoulder, arms, back, teeth or jaw pain. It’s noticed that sometimes chest pain is very low as compared to shoulder, or back pain. These pains should not be neglected and patience should be taken into emergency.
  • Breathing trouble:  when heart victim  is unable to breath and felling fatigue it’s time to call emergency number.
  • Sweating: cold sweat is the cause for heart attack which should not be neglected. Sometimes due to continuous sweating a person might faint. It’s important for a heart victim to stay awake till medical help arrive. Staying awake improves the chances of fighting heart attack.

Symptoms in women:

According to medical observation women heart attack symptoms are different  as compared to men. The study observed that there are three common heart attack symptoms inwomen were- breathing trouble, disturbance in sleep, and unusual fatigue. It was also observed that 43% of women did not have chest pain during their entire heart attack.

Here are some common symptoms found prior to heart attack- not able to sleep properly in night, indigestion, unusual fatigue, breathing troubles, burning sensation in upper abdomen, feeling tired  and anxiety.

Symptoms during the heart attack-

  • Cold sweat,
  • Dizziness,
  • Vomiting,
  • Restlessness,
  • Weakness and
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Women heart attack symptoms should be carefully studied as their symptoms are different from men. It was noted that majority of women heart victims are not carefully diagnosed and receive wrong treatment. This places the victim into hour of pain and less likely to restore life.

You cannot control the above mentioned signs of heart attack. Here is the list of few early signs which can be controlled by you and fight back heart troubles.

  • Age- If you are reaching the age of 45 for men and 55 for women go for a check-up as you are more likely to develop CAD.
  • Hereditary- if an immediate family member who is 45 or  younger has fallen under heart attack there might be the risk of heart attack to your life as well.
  • Smoking- quit smoking to reduce the chances of heart troubles.
  • Diabetes- if you or immediate family member has diabetes, they are more chance of you to face heart troubles in future.
  • Control your weight- if you follow a healthy eating habits you can fight health problems easily.
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