Warning signs of Heart Attack

Heart attack is a life threatening disease and victim should be treated on time and taken into emergency. Every second  counts for the heart casualty because treatment given on right time can save life.

Heart attack can be studies under three basic categories- massive, mild and silent heart attack.

1. Massive heart attack and its warning signs: can be judged if the person is having severer chest pain, blood in vomiting, feeling uneasy, sweating, fast palpitations, weakness, fatigue, pain in upper abdomen and pain in the left arm.

In America maximum numbers of people die due to massive heart attack. According to medical observation’s heart attack is more common in men aged 45 and above and in women the age is noted as 55 and above.
How to revert the signs of massive heart attack-  If you have medical history of heart attack in your family and you fear of getting victimized then it’s important to talk to your doctor. If you smoke and consume alcohol you might have to bridge a firewall between those habits. You have to eat and drink fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid fried stuff. Try to keep yourself away from general tensions of routine life. Try to go for morning or evening walks for about 30-45 minutes daily. And try to avoid saturated food items.

2. Mild heart attack- the warning sign of mild heart attack is not massive as a typical heart attack and the pattern produced is imperceptible in ECG. The mild heart attack is caused due to blockage in the arteries. In certain cases blood clot in arteries can be the main cause of the heart trouble. The aim of the mild heart attack treatment is to remove the blockage in arteries and minimize the future risk for any kind of heart disease.

Warning signs for mild heart attack can be studies under two heads-

  1. Angina pectoris and
  2. Unstable angina
  1. Silent heart attack- in silent heart attack warning signs is very few, making difficult to save the life of the casualty. Chest pain is the red sign for an oncoming heart attack however; this is not present in silent heart attack. Therefore, saving the causality’s life is bigger challenge for doctors.

Quick treatment is the key to save silent heart attack casualty’s life.

Here are important nine warning signs of heart attack-

  1. Chest  pain
  2. Pain in jaw or left arm
  3. Difficulty in breathing
  4. Cold sweat.
  5. Unable to sleep properly in night.
  6. Heart burn.
  7. Blood in vomiting.
  8. Feeling tired after short intervals.
  9. Pain in the abdomen.

Warning signs that are common in women only-

  1. Pain in the chest and upper abdomen
  2. Head ache and body pain.
  3. Feeling weak and finding difficulty in performing household cores.

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms  don’t delay, seek a medical help immediately to restrict the future complications. If time is in hand heart attack can be easily fought back however, if not treated on time heart troubles can lead to untimely death of the person. Call 9-1-1 for immediate help.

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