Causes of Heart Attack

Heart attack is the main culprit in killing men and women of America. When damage is diagnosed in coronary artery heart attack occurs. The inner wall of coronary artery is buildup by material called plaque. When a section of plaque breaks and eventually causes blood clot. Heart attack occurs when blood clot becomes big enough to stop the flow of oxygen and blood to heart muscles. In human body coronary arteries play the role of transporter, which helps to transfer the blood and oxygen into heart muscles and make sure heart beat is normal.

The blockage prevents the oxygen-rich blood to flow into the heart muscles and this result in damage of heart muscles. If this blockage is not treatment on time then heart muscles begins to die.

Microvascular disease also causes heart attack, this trouble occurs  when very small microscopic blood vessels of the heart are found damaged. According to medical observation this cause is more common in women than in men.

Heart attack is also caused when spasm of a coronary artery becomes tight  and cuts off the blood flow and no blood is transported into heart muscles. The formation of spasm of coronary artery is caused due to-

  1. Regular smoking
  2. Consumption of drugs like cocaine.
  3. Consumption of unhealthy food.
  4. Alcohol.
  5. Exposure to cold climate.

The blockage causes pain chest and if the pain is left untreated for a few hours, heart muscles can die and lead to harmful effects. It’s clear that heart attack is a life threatening disease. And every year millions of American  citizens lose their life in hand of heart attack under wrong diagnose or no treatment in the golden hour.

Risk factors for heart attack–

There are certain risk factors which make a person more prone to heart attack and develop arterial blockages.

  1. Over weight- if you like junk food like fries, burgers, pizza with extra cheese and consume fizz drinks you are more likely to face the heart troubles. It’s important to keep checking our body weight to make the threat  fade away. Try to avoid saturated fat as it helps to raise your bad cholesterol level. Here is the example of food rich in saturated fat-

Animal and daily products: beef, pork, cheese, cakes, chocolate etc.

All of the above mentioned food put your life at risk of heart attack.

2. Age- heart attack risk increase in women after menopause or women older than 55 and for men the age is reported as 45 or older. If you are reaching the mentioned age go for a check-up as you are more likely to develop CAD.

3. Hereditary- your life has a threat of heart attack if an immediate family member who is 45 or younger has fallen under heart attack.

4.  Smoking- it’s the major culprit in killing people, smoking is not beneficial for our health it damages the arteries and stops the blood flow.

5. Diabetes- if you or immediate family member has diabetes, they are more likely to face heart troubles in future. To avoid the future threat make healthy changes in your lifestyle.

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