Heart Attack and Age

According to medical observation’s heart attack is more common in men aged 45 and above and in women the age is noted as 55 and above.

When we are young we are bound to follow workout regime however, as age pass we become more relaxed towards our workout regime. And less exercise and heavy eating causes blockage in the coronary artery. The function of coronary arteries is to transport blood and oxygen to heart. When there is  a blockage and arteries are unable to pump the require blood to flow it leads to heart attack.

A question might hit your mind that is there correlation between age and heart attack. Or the correlation is just a myth. According to American Medical Institutes there is no doubt that relation between age and heart attack is not  absent. Medical reports say that people above the age of 50 are more likely to get heart attack or heart disease. So, does that mean people in there teens or twenties can’t have a heart attack. Yes it is true that heart attack can hit anyone performing-

1. Unhealthy lifestyle

2. No workout regime

3. Regular smoking and drinking habit

4. Consumption of saturated food.

However, Heart failure is a combination of the heart muscle weakening and blockage in arteries. The medical fact says that as we age our arteries start to fill  up with bad cholesterol and due to age we are less likely to fight the bad cholesterol easily. The major cause of the problem is poor lifestyle choices.

Cholesterol can be categorized under two heads-

  1. Good cholesterol and
  2. Bad cholesterol.

Good gold cholesterol is an important component for healthy body because it helps to form cell membranes. Good cholesterol aids to produce bile, which helps in breaking the fatty aids in our body and keeps the digestion process functioning. However, bad cholesterol gets accumulated in our body and makes us gain weight. So, it’s important to keep our body active to fight the bad cholesterol.

Today doctor advice healthy eating habit for all age group because what we eat today will help us in future to survive long. Practicing unhealthy lifestyle can lead to symptoms such as breathing trouble, accumulation of excess fluid in the body, digestion problem, excess sweating, weakness, chest pain, felling tired, and blood circulation problem, all these issues start to grow and cause heart failure.

According to medical statistics – heart diseases is almost exclusively reserved for people aged 50 or above. Due to economic crisis people have become busy and following unhealthy diet. Doctor’s advice that people aged 40 should go for regular check-up to discard the future health troubles. As healthy eating and no smoking habit can help you live long.

A daily workout regime – can help you raise good cholesterol and makes your immune system strong to fight the bad cholesterol. So, even walking in the garden for 30-45 minutes can help to towards your goal. Make sure you eat healthy to enjoy the spoon full of life.

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